Friday, June 4, 2010

Here and there

Just returned from a trip to Prince William County, I know more about the Civil War than you do (probably). In the meantime, eating in the tiny hamlet of Manassas gave me a bit of a perspective on KC's fare. We've got it covered in spades - comparatively. And, because I was with other travel writers, they cooed and wooed over our fair city. Everyone seemed to either have been here lately or at some point along the way and fawned over the beauty, food, people and's that for kudos to us!

Then in direct contrast, went to Galesburg (no relative), IL for a photo shoot and ate great. This sleepy little once upon a time railroad town hosts a couple of goodies: The Landmark, where high tin ceilings and brick walls make dining on delicious crepes a SoHo kind of experience. Then there's the Packinghouse Dining Co. Set in a turn-of-the-century meat house (complete with racks, hooks and chilled temps) sounds daunting but they've spiffed it up and design some of the best steak around....or so I hear. I opted for the free range chicken and wasn't disappointed. My photographer I schlepped along is a vegetarian and was delighted with the mega salad bar. So next time you're in Galesburg...put this on your agenda!