Thursday, June 18, 2009

Head North!

What a treat.

Scrambling to escape the blistering June heat, I headed NoRTH into the cool.

Cool in every sense of the word. Executive Chef, Ryan Foxworth and GM, Frank Giacomini, surrounded by a flank of 20 (mostly blonds) presented a two-hour taste of Tuscany cooking demo.

Ryan paired locally sourced heirloom tomatoes, a heavenly buratta mozzarella and a few other magical ingredients in this delicious salad to start off the class. He followed with a Cavatelli pasta, spicy italian sausage, tomato, roasted garlic and braised greens. Check out the pic above...almost too pretty to eat. Considering that wasn't an option, I consumed most then asked for a box (everyone did) and waited for the finale, a smooth and joyfully fruitful panna cotta.

If you want to be delighted by Ryan and Frank's expertise, take this once-a-month class. Cost is $35 p/p includes wine pairings. You can go even if you're not blond.

Later -

Monday, June 15, 2009

Screamin' Green

Okay, I took the chance to be eco and headed for Pizza Fusion (135th and Nall).

This dandy little place is a delight considering that the whole place is very environmentally conscious. This is a good thing.

You can't help but notice it's commitment to the planet. From the counter tops made from recycled glass bottles to servers wearing 100% organic cotton tees, the place breathes green.

The pizza? Great. I had the Founder's pie on whole's organic everything - right down to the pesticide-free tomatoes.

I felt good and proud - - that was until I fell off the turnip truck the next night and went straight to hell. Well, kinda.

Had a hankering for bbq and desperately sought Oklahoma Joe's in Mission but the line (apparently Anthony Bourdain's rants and raves) have elevated it to a must-do-before-you-die status circumvented that excursion landing Tastebud and I at Rosedale. Slipping mightly from good and green to greasy but delish burnt ends was a travesty (but a tasty one, I have to admit).
Ah well, the sun will come know the rest.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A day in the life...

It's late, I'm used to this but after working out then eating again...(should be the other way around) it's nuts.

Thought I'd share a bit about what happens when you eat and report about it for fun and amusement!

My ears and tastebuds are always on alert. If you eat out as much as I do, the moment I share that I'm a foodie, people become rabid to tell me where to go, what to eat and more. I love this.

Just today, sitting with a couple of co-workers, they gave me their two-cents about fried chicken stating that Strouds wasn't what it used to be...that's still under review on my part since I just ate there and found it as delicious as ever. So I mentioned Jess and Jim's which still has my vote for chicken that's too good to pass up.

Okay, back to basics. When I eat out, I'm always in tune with service, food, surrounds and clientele. That's not in order. What is in order is the food. Service comes a close second. From roadhouse to dive, elegant, swanky digs to non-descript box...there's really nothing that's going to keep me away unless the food isn't up to par. Happily, there are so many places from which to choose that do wonders with food in KC, I think we're very lucky.

Here's my comments on my latest outings: Ingredient in Park Place - sit outside if the weather is nice...breathe in and inhale their yummy salads, pizza and soups. It's an easy fix when you want to grab something quick...everything's fresh. California Pizza Kitchen, right next to Ingredient. It's a bit too loud for my taste but I still like the salads...lots of crunch...really big portions and a flurry of servers always buzzing about to refil, smile and serve.

Trezo Vino also at Park Place in Leawood is beginning to look like a little slice of Tuscany. Small tables situated outside in front of their building make dining al fresco delightful. Go on a dreamy summer evening before it gets too hot.

Tomorrow I'm going a bit farther down the lane...135th where there's so many eateries, it makes me dizzy. I'll head to Pizza Fusion (how's that for a trendy sounding name?!) and see what makes this place a hit....or not....

Stay Tuned!!