Friday, February 26, 2010

Canada Dry

Yep, this is Vancouver...just got back from the Winter Games.

The place is gorgeous...filled with elegance and beauty...the setting alone is jaw-dropping. Mountains ringed with a deep, cold harbor - this is the prettiest city I've seen, outside of Paris.

With the games on the world stage, Vancouver was packed but unusually dry for this time of year. All which contributed to great strolling, ogling and eating!.

The city is so international, everything is available. No such thing as just one type of mushroom; you can get a dozen varieties at the corner grocer. A Japadog (Japanese hot dog street grub) was the hottest item with lines a mile-long.

Stayed right downtown and with the city swelling to over 8oo,ooo it was a loud but insanely polite.

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