Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To and Fro

Venturing out is what I do. Both here and there - last month I was fortunate to stay at Devil's Thumb Ranch - an elegant dude ranch outside of Granby, CO. You have to go if cross country, ice skating and snow shoeing are on your agenda.

Hecks restaurant, a gorgeous timber framed restaurant is the epitome of a handsomely rustic mountian retreat with excellent food and a vista you'll never quite believe.

On to the here and now.

Tried Frida's - latest Mexican on the horizon at 148th and Metcalf. Truly different and appealing. No cheese ... or very little, pleasing me to no end.

Cafe Trio - 45th and Main....excellent, cozy...all done up for Valentine's perfectly suited to a winter's evening. Had the Ahi tuna, roasted asparagus and split a bowl full of chicken ravioli. Loved the atmosphere and our waiter...

Amore Chocolate Pizza Company is a very sweet experience. Swig the Mayan hot chocolate.. it zings and stings but if you like this variation on the theme, you'll love this drink.

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