Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shout out....

It's been brutally hot...this summer. So I decided to take my wheat-grass (or as I call it, motor oil), granola-lovin' friend of mine to drink, not eat lunch.

We stopped by L A Juice at 119th and Lamar. Giant, brain-freeze chillers are smooshed up with lots of fruit, ice, sherbet or yogurt. Then you can add any number of healthy nuggets to your liking.

I went for what I consider healthy (remember, I'm the one who eats fried ice cream), Pomegranate Bliss; he popped for a smoothie loaded with acai and other anti-oxidants.

We sat outside, sipped and watched the world go lazily (into Spin and the Cheesecake Factory) by.

I feel healthier already..........

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